The Brand Hotel, LLC is a nimble, five-star, concierge-service business and marketing strategy, innovation and activation company, specifically organized for project assignments from national brands, mid-sized companies and well-capitalized latter stage start-ups looking for elegant and more affordable strategic and creative solutions to business problems and opportunities. Clients can check in and out of the Hotel at will – from one or two projects to an extended-stay. And our model is designed as a modified performance-based venture capital firm with marketing services as its currency – allowing The Brand Hotel to trade its marketing expertise and human capital for equity or share of sales revenues, when appropriate.


Every client’s unique set of our Hotel Staff is custom-assembled for the brand, industry, or project at hand. And each Brand Hotel team features only proven, experienced professionals drawn to this unique and nimble resource for the opportunity to work with smart, challenging and diverse brands and clients - and the ability to do so collaboratively at the highest level of their individual craft. The result is unforgettably compelling integrated business solutions that produce disruptively positive business results, wrapped in unexpected creative envelopes that actually change the lives of brands.